About us

With a portfolio of over 20 projects and more than 1500 houses, Tirupati Group is the answer to all your real estate needs. Our company strives to ensure comfortable living in the bustling city of Pune, designed just to suit your needs and concerns.

Tirupati Group Who are we

Who are we?

A major real estate brand in the fast-growing city of Pune, Tirupati Group is known for its consumer-friendly, elegant and prime properties and projects around the city. The company is ISO certified under ISO 9001:2015/14001:2015/18001:2007.

Tirupati Group Our Inception

When Was Our Inception?

Tirupati Group has been a favourable real estate brand for Pune city since over 25 years. Established in the year 1992, the company has kept up with the needs of the city and the demands of its consumers, fulfilling both with great ease under the guidance of our directors, Mr Suresh V. Patil and Mr Rammurthy V. Ghate.

Tirupati Group What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart?

In an era when real estate is slowly becoming more and more consumer-unfriendly, Tirupati Group strives to maintain its values and priorities. We at Tirupati always aim to give our customers all the necessary help along with a host of choices to help them make a decision that’s good for them in the long run.

Tirupati Group Mission


To provide prime residential and commercial accommodation in the city of Pune, while meeting the demands of a vibrant economy.

Tirupati Group Vision


To build long-term relationships with our clients through transparency and integrity and to establish ourselves as a trustworthy, reliable brand in the real-estate fraternity.

Tirupati Group Values


Honesty: We believe in providing customers with reliable, relevant information to give them maximum choices and help them make informed decisions.

Quality: We believe in putting 100percent effort in our work. We continue to enjoy a reputation for quality assurance, timely possession and after sales service.

Integrity: We put great emphasis on being transparent with all our transactions.